Squircle Apps is an indie-app design and development studio based in New Delhi, India. We focus on making quality iOS Apps, with a passion for creative products that are inclusive, accessible and easy to use.

LookUp: English Dictionary

Available on: iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS

LookUp is an award winning reference and learning app that enables users to learn new words through beautiful illustrations.

LookUp brings fun and interactive ways of learning words to a traditional dictionary. Word of the Day illustrations, interactive quizzes and translated meanings make it an incredibly useful app for students and non-native English learners.


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Zones: Time Zones Conversion

Available on: iOS, macOS, iPadOS

Keeping track of different time zones can be challenging. Zones simplifies that with an easy to use interface that lets you reference time in multiple cities, schedule calendar events, and setup reminders for specific times in other time zones. Read More

Other Apps


Available on: iOS, iPadOS

VectorPad makes it easy for you to turn your designs into Vector Graphics and 3D extrusions, be it sketches on paper, or drawings made in an illustration app.

Capture an image of your sketch, pick an image file from the Cloud or just drop an image into Vectorpad, and it creates a scalable vector artwork for your illustration in no time at all.

Places: Stamps and Stickers

iMessage App (Available on iOS, iPadOS)

Share your love for a city with some carefully designed Stamps or Stickers that commemorate the landmarks and iconic objects from different cities over the world.

Nerd Lingo

iMessage App (Available on iOS, iPadOS)

A sticker pack that lets you to express these buzzwords in the form of stickers.
You can create your own lingo as well. Is there a buzzword that you end up using ever so often? Express it with your own “nerd lingo” sticker!